New Relationship Insights Reveal...

"How you can talk to your partner or spouse about anything without fear
about how they'll react or what they'll say, think or do"


It's a fact...

With these simple, yet powerful ideas, you won't have to keep your thoughts, feelings or what's important to you inside any more.  With what you'll learn in "Stop Talking On Eggshells," you'll finally be able to talk about anything (especially the important stuff) without either one of you shutting down or getting upset. When you apply this new information, you'll also feel more understood, loved and more connected than you ever thought possible.

Dear Friend,

We're Susie and Otto Collins and we'd like to ask you a few questions about your relationship or marriage...

Are there any issues between you and your partner that you "just don't talk about" out of fear of what would happen if you did?

Are there times when you wish you could just talk things over without having a big argument or blowup?

Do you ever feel distant, disconnected or alone because of your (and your partner's) inability to truly communicate with each other?

Do you wish you could both just put down your defenses and walls and give each other the love you both really want?

Are there ever any times when you "hold back" and just do whatever is necessary to keep the peace in the relationship?

Do you ever "go overboard" and go out of your way to do things you may not not necessarily want to do to please someone in hopes of making things in your relationship go better?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are not alone.

Being able to speak the truth openly and honestly in a relationship, along with feeling heard and understood, are some of the biggest challenges that most people face today.

We call it... "talking on eggshells."

What does it mean to "talk on eggshells"?

When we use the phrase "talking on eggshells," we're talking about those times when you feel that you can't fully say what it is that you want to say for whatever reason (mostly out of fear about what the other person's reaction will be.)

If you're someone who's ever felt like you were talking on eggshells with anyone in your life, believe us when we say that this is normal and almost everyone does it from time to time.

The problems begin when you feel like you are talking on eggshells more than just occasionally and there is pain, disharmony, distance and upset in your relationship because of it. You may not realize it yet but by talking on eggshells, you are actually taking yourself away from the love you really want.

We know what that is like to talk on eggshells and here's what we can tell you...

When it comes to love, communication and connection, the two of us have found out the hard way in our own lives that talking on eggshells is a lousy strategy for getting what we want in our relationship.

How do we know that "talking on eggshells"
won't help you create the kind of
love and relationship you really want?

This is something we both tried (unsuccessfully, we might add) in our previous marriages and it's also something we've seen time and time again in the people we've worked with personally in our relationship coaching practice, in workshops, presentations or those who purchased our books and courses.

At this point, the two of us have been together for quite a few years and have a truly wonderful connection and relationship. We enjoy each other and being together, but believe us when we say that we didn't always have the relationship and communication skills that we now have.

Long before we started working with people about their relationships and prior to our relationship together, we had both come out of long-term marriages. Susie was married to someone else for 30 years and Otto was married to someone else for over 15 years.

In our own ways--ways we'll describe in more detail later--we both talked on eggshells much of the time, especially in the last years of those marriages.

Although Otto's ex may have a different perspective on what did or didn't happen in their marriage, as Otto looks back on it, he remembers trying to play the nice guy, bending over backwards and doing whatever it took to please his now ex-wife. He kept things inside that should have been talked about, not wanting to "rock the boat" and just trying to keep the peace. Talking on eggshells for him never worked. It only served as a place within him where resentment and anger lived and grew.

Susie's experience with her ex-husband was both similar and different. Over the 30 years they were married, they gradually drifted apart until they didn't have much in common with each other.

In the later years of their marriage, although they still loved one another, they found that they were watching what they said to each other and there were times when they just couldn't say anything right. They just didn't understand each other any more and wanted different things out of life.

When the two of us came together, we carried those harmful talking on eggshell patterns with us into our new relationship. The two of us had to learn how to be and act much differently if we were to create the kind of love and relationship that we really wanted.

We took a look at how things were going, took a look at our previous marriages and realized once and for all that if we wanted to create a closer and more connected relationship and have it stay that way, we had to change what we habitually did. We had to reverse what wasn't working in our relationship.

Luckily for us, we figured out that talking on eggshells, being afraid to say what was on our mind, not being willing to share our thoughts and feelings and not communicating authentically were all things that were going to destroy our potentially wonderful relationship in almost no time at all if we didn't stop. We had to change.

The importance of communication in creating
a great relationship or marriage

Communication in relationships is a funny thing...

And as you probably already know, communication is arguably the most important skill to cultivate, learn and grow if you want to have outstanding relationships.

If you've got some communication issues you need to work out in your relationship, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you if you just think about it.

After all, we aren't taught how to communicate or how to have a good relationship.

No one ever taught us how to "be" or "act" so that our relationships would work out great--and stay that way.

In most cases, our parents didn't know (their relationship was most likely filled with challenges too) and you certainly didn't learn about how to create a great relationship in school. Your friends probably weren't any better at relationships than you were!

Fast forward months or years later and here is where you find yourself...wanting to be able to say what's going on within you or what's important to you and you feel stuck, confused. You're wishing your relationship could somehow be better.

What we have discovered is that if your communication is strained or non-existent, you're most likely on your way to a relationship full of upsets, anger, judgments, assumptions, conflicts, misunderstandings, drama and pain.

If you have a partner, co-worker, family member or friend who's closed to you (for whatever reason), we don't have to tell you how much distance this can create between the two of you and how much of an emotional and physical drain this can be.

With this kind of a drain, it makes it difficult to connect and have any kind of true cooperation, closeness, connection, or intimacy.

On the other hand, if your communication flows and you are both open to each other, even when it's not easy, you'll be amazed at just how incredible your relationship can be.

The right way and the WRONG way to communicate
if you want to have good relationships in your life

Most people get it all wrong when they figure out that withdrawing, retreating, pleasing, backing off and in general "talking on eggshells" isn't working and here's why...

At some time in their relationships or lives, most people come to a breaking point within themselves and decide "Hey, I'm not going to be timid or shy in my relationship any more. I'm going to say what I think or feel, whenever I think or feel it."

This is a bad idea.

After working with people on their communication and relationships, we've found that after they give themselves permission to speak their truth, open up and stop talking on eggshells, they do a complete one-eighty.

They start doing the complete opposite of what they're going to want to do in order to create more closeness, connection and harmony in the relationship.

In fact, many people go so far to the other side of the spectrum after they decide they're not going to talk on eggshells anymore, they become angry, demanding, hostile, belligerent, forceful, grandiose and superior in regards to how they talk to and treat other people.

They might think-- "I've been a wimp in my relationship for too long and now I'm going to show everyone I'm not going to take it anymore."

Acting in this way will perhaps make you feel more powerful, but it certainly won't help you create the love, intimacy and connection in your relationships that you really want.

This will take you in the opposite direction, away from what you want.


Here's what we suggest you do instead...

The "Magic Key" to communication in relationships
 that leads to more closeness and connection ...

If there is one thing you can do, starting right now, that will help you begin making dramatic changes for the better in your relationship or marriage, it's this...

Spend all of your time, effort and energy in your relationship focused on creating what you want instead of what you don't want.

This sounds so simple but most people (and couples) don't do it.

Many people spend the bulk of their time and energy blaming, judging, criticizing, manipulating, trying to prove their "righteousness" and making their partner wrong that they lose sight of the real goal in relationship and focusing on how to create that.

What happens next for most couples is usually one of three things:

~They decide to do what it takes to draw closer together

~ They stay stuck in their positions and decide to leave the relationship totally and separate or divorce


The third thing that frequently happens is what most couples choose to do when conflicts, disagreements and challenges come up--

~ One or both of the partners decide that they don't want to fight anymore and so they withdraw from the conflict enough to keep the relationship going. But in the process, something tragic happens...

In their attempts to just keep the peace, not "rock the boat" and keep the relationship going, one or both of the partners starts "talking on eggshells." Before you know it, the passion, life and energy just gets sucked out of the relationship and leaves them wondering "What happened to our love."

In our opinion, one of the most important things anyone can do to create a closer and more connected relationship is to learn how to "Stop Talking On Eggshells" and start communicating to connect.

But how do you do this?

We've just created a brand new course that will give you everything you need to know in order to stop talking on eggshells and start connecting with your spouse or partner in a whole new way.

Our new program is called "Stop Talking On Eggshells" and it includes a guidebook and 6 audios that will add additional insights and distinctions to what you will learn from the manual.

You can download it now by clicking here

With this breakthrough new info, we take you by the hand and give you practical, step-by-step instructions on how you can talk to your partner or spouse about anything without fear about how they'll react or what they'll say, think or do.

Download "Stop Talking On Eggshells" Now and Here's What You'll Get...

The "Stop Talking On Eggshells" Guidebook

~144 Pages


~Instantly Available

~No Waiting

~No Shipping Charges


We've organized this guidebook in our course into three parts.

In the introduction and chapter one, we're giving you background information about what talking on eggshells is and why most of us do it.

In Part 2, we will guide you through identifying your situation and looking at your problem with new understandings.

In Part 3, we give you specific strategies for learning to trust yourself, making conscious choices instead of reacting, speaking your truth from your unfulfilled or unspoken wants, needs or desires and making requests that are able to be heard and understood--and most of all, how to communicate with ease.

Woven within the pages of this "Stop Talking On Eggshells" guidebook are our personal stories and the stories of others who gave us permission to use their words with the hope that their stories would be helpful to you as you discover how to create richer, more passionate, alive, growing relationships.

There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you examine your specific situation more closely and to give you more clarity about what is best for you and your relationship and how you can best move forward.


When you order the "Stop Talking On Eggshells" program, you'll also get instant access to the following six downloadable mp3 audio recordings that are a part of the package...  

Audio 1 & 2

"Stop Talking On Eggshells At Home and At Work"

These two audios are the recordings of our teleseminar "Stop Talking On Eggshells At Home and At Work."

This presentation is nearly ninety minutes and in it, we show you how to start communicating in a way that will bring you more love, passion, connection in your marriage or intimate relationship.  

This information will also show you how to have more peace, connection and understanding at work and In ALL of your other relationships too!


 Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio 3 & 4

"Getting Him or Her To Open To You"

These two recordings are from our teleseminar "Getting Him or Her To Open To You".

On these recordings, we offer breakthrough ideas for dealing with someone who is distant, standoffish, aloof,  disrespectful, non-committal, emotionally unavailable, cold, wishy-washy, unable or unwilling to share his or her feelings, negative, unwilling to work on the relationship, or doesn't see the problems like you do.

On these recordings from this live presentation, we share what to do in situations like this where you want more.  (Recording time Approx 85 mins)

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio 5

"Relationships and Money"

Money is one of the biggest areas in relationships where conflict comes up.

On this audio recording from an interview and live teleseminar we tackle the toughest of tough financial conflicts between couples.

~We will guide you through How to Handle Sensitive Money Issues in Relationship.

You will learn the proper way to address who should handle the finances, whether or not to keep separate finances and how to reconcile financial concerns in blended families.

We also teach you how to agree on spending money on the kids and successful ways to approach bringing different amounts of financial resources into a new relationship and much more. (Recording time Approx 45 mins)

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)


Audio 6

"7 Intimacy Secrets"

Creating more intimacy and connection in your most important relationships can be a tricky thing. With the information we share in the audio of our "7 Intimacy Secrets" live presentation,  we'll help you take the mystery out of getting more of what you want.  (Recording time 66 min 12 sec)


Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)


Here's a partial list of what you'll learn when you get the "Stop Talking On Eggshells" program...

  • Coping strategies for dealing with "power struggles" in your relationship or marriage

  • What to do if your partner thinks or says everything is "just fine" in your relationship and you're wanting more

  • How to help your partner or spouse to feel safe enough to share all that intimacy has to offer you, even after many years of both of you NOT fostering a love, caring or intimate environment

  • How to tell the truth in a way that is kind and helpful instead of upsetting or destructive--even when it's difficult

  • How to deal with a partner who is controlling and sees no reason to change

  • How to sustain and nurture open communication so that both you and your partner are growing in your own unique journey of life while living in partnership and as a team

  • How you can truly be you (even when other people have other ideas about what you should do or how you should be)

  • How to effectively deal with a partner who appears to have a lot lower libido than you do and how to communicate that it is an important topic to discuss

  • How you can know if you are sabotaging your own desires and efforts in order to achieve receiving the kind of relationship you really want

  • How you can encourage your partner or spouse to talk about his or her feelings and create nonsexual intimacy

  • How you can stay connected or intimate with your partner even during arguments or misunderstandings

  • What to do about a partner who says he or she will do something and then puts out no effort

  • How to recognize when you or your partner is talking on eggshells and how to make shifts to opening up your relationship to closer connection

  • The most common reason that causes you or anyone to talk on eggshells

  • The real reason underneath all the withdrawing and retreating in relationships

  • What to do if the two of you have separated, going through a divorce and you can't communicate or talk to one another

  • The one thing you should do (no matter how bad things are) before you or your partner calls it "quits" and leaves the relationship or marriage

  • The one thing you must uncover about yourself and your partner to truly create the relationship you really want

  • How to keep your mind from playing tricks on you that keep you stuck in this situation

  •  The one thing to make sure you don't do if you want to stop talking on eggshells

  • What you may be unconsciously doing to contribute to these communication challenges, without even realizing it

  • How you can use a simple mirror to test your level of openness or help you know more clearly if you're talking on eggshells or not

  • 11 reasons why your partner (or anyone in your life) shuts down to you

  • How to identify, shift and change any disempowering stories that may be taking you away from the love and kind of relationship you really want

  • How to create a feeling of safety for you and your partner to open to one another

  • How "bad" traits in yourself or your partner could actually be blessings in disguise

  • A sure-fire way to begin to open to one another and feel more understood (even when everything else you've tried has failed)

  • How to deal with with communication issues when anger comes up for one or both people

  • How you can use the power of curiosity to diffuse situations where you or your partner are talking on eggshells

  • How you and your partner can become more trustable to each other

  • How to create new, conscious choices that help you create more of what you want in your relationship

  • Ways you and your partner can shift to keep whatever commitments you have to each other

  • How to begin if you have self esteem issues or have trouble loving yourself

  • How to solve the "catch 22" of conflict and communication in your relationship or marriage so you can connect with your partner once and for all

  • How to make requests in a clear way that don't cause more struggle, conflict or problems

  • Why you don't always have to use words to solve communication challenges, conflicts and upsets

  •  How to adopt the attitude of kindness, openness, caring and love in your relationship (even in the midst of conflict or chaos)

  • And much more...     


How to tell if this "Stop Talking On Eggshells"
program is for you... 

If you or your partner have any challenges at all in communicating your thoughts, feelings or emotions to each other, then this program is for you.

If you have ever been hesitant at any time (now or in the past) to speak your truth and be honest and authentic without holding back out of fear of what the other person might say, do or how they might react and you want to do it differently--then this is for you.

If you are willing to invest a little bit of time, effort and energy into learning some new skills ideas and techniques that will dramatically improve the quality of your communication and instantly create breakthroughs in your relationship or marriage -- then this program is for you.

If you have even an ounce of desire to heal the communication issues and challenges that come up for you in your relationship or marriage, we sincerely believe this program can change your life.

On the other hand, if you aren't willing at this point to spend another second of your time on this relationship or your partner...

 or are unwilling to give it one more try, then you should probably pass on this info and not bother downloading it.

This program is for people who want more love and a better relationship and are willing to try some new ideas and strategies in their relationship or marriage and do something about it.


What do you want for your relationships?

If you've read this far on this web page, we're thinking that you're someone who really is interested in more from your relationships that you have right now and you're willing to be open to some new ideas to create something better.

Are we right?

We think so and if you're finally ready to "Stop Talking On Eggshells" and start communicating to connect, then here's what you're going to want to do...

Download our complete "Stop Talking On Eggshells" program now and start going through the information right away.

It gives you everything you need to know to be able to stop talking on eggshells now (before this issue destroys your relationship or marriage.) 

This program is the most complete course available anywhere on how to stop talking on eggshells and how to start communicating to connect with your partner or the important people in your life.  Nothing has been held back.

To make this even better for you, we've priced it so affordably that regardless of what gas prices are, you'll be able to fit this into your budget with no problems. 

Click the "Add To Cart" button below to download the complete "Stop Talking On Eggshells program right now...

Plus, if you order now , we'll also include these incredible bonuses absolutely FREE...  

Bonus #1 -- "12 Proven Secrets"--These are the mp3 recordings of a live 90 minute teleseminar we conducted recently where we gave our answers to the 12 biggest, most important and most pressing questions that our web site visitors and newsletter subscribers like you had about how to create closer and more loving relationships. These 12 questions are ones we hand picked from over 795 responses to a survey at our web site. Most of these questions are about improving communication and trust building.   (Retail Value $35)  

Bonus #2--"10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships and What They Can Do To Fix Them"  --  This special report by Susie and Otto contains the master keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your life. This 21 page downloadable special report is in pdf format. ($12 Retail Value)  

Bonus #3 --"7 Keys to Creating A Great Relationship"--a 20 page downloadable special report in pdf format on the seven things we consider to be most important in creating an outstanding relationship.  ($8 Retail Value) 

Bonus #4 "Susie and Otto Collins' Love and Relationships Newsletter"--Sent by email and filled with practical tips for creating lasting love and deeper passion. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Warning: This "Stop Talking On Eggshells" package that includes the guidebook, the audios and terrific bonuses is not available in stores anywhere. The only place you can get it is here on our web site.

Because this is a downloadable package, you can be reading the information and listening to the audios within minutes.

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Click here to download "Stop Talking On Eggshells" now... and you'll be on your way to creating instant breakthroughs in your communication not only with your partner or spouse-- but the other people in your life as well.



Our Best to You, 

Susie and Otto Collins 

P.S. Remember, this "Stop Talking On Eggshells" package is not available in stores anywhere.  It's only available as a downloadable package here on our web site. 

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"Susie and Otto Offer New Possibilities For Creating The Love We Want in Our Lives..."

"Susie and Otto Collins are an authentic couple who share from their hearts and, more importantly, model what it truly takes to create an outstanding relationship. 

"Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives. I recommend their work and appreciate their grounded generosity."

                               Kathlyn Hendricks, 
Co-Author "Conscious  Loving" and "The Conscious
Heart"  Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute for Conscious Living. 


"A Practical Guide To Support You In Learning How To Be Powerful and Authentic In Your Communications..."

"They've done it again-- With 'Stop Talking On Eggshells' Susie and Otto have written and created a practical guide teaching skills to support learning to love even more. "Stop Talking on Eggshells" is not only instructive but is a tool to support you in learning how to be powerful and authentic in your communications -- the only true way we can negotiate genuine loving relationships."


Leslie Karen Sann
Founder of Living by Design



"Taught Me How To Communicate More Effectively With My Mate..."

"Stop Talking On Eggshells is an excellent tool that will influence couples to understand each other's reasoning for 'talking on eggshells' instead of just shutting down.
Your info taught me to communicate more effectively with my mate in order to get the love and affection that I need and deserve instead of just walking away from the relationship. It also showed me what to look for and how to end the cycle of 'the dance' in a relationship--the pulling forward and negatively pulling backward in a relationship.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. I know that 'Stop Talking on Eggshells' will be a blessing to many."

Crystal McDaniel  from Little Rock, AR.


"This should be required reading before marriage,
just like a blood test!"

"Over the course of this week I have read, then re-read, your newest and in my opinion, your finest book,  'Stop Talking on Eggshells.'  I say that because it touched a cord I wasn't expecting; at times moving me from chills, to recall and then to tears.  Your clear writing, methodical flow, and personal insight spoke to me.  I felt as if I was the focus of your writing and that you were speaking personally to me; listening, affirming I was not peculiar, while offering suggestions of hope.  Unfortunately, I did not discover you earlier to save my marriage; however, I am convinced by practice that your methods do work!  My sincerest thank you for showing me I can have the relationship that I want and deserve!"

You really hit the mark this time.  Your writing was clear, succinct and flowed beautifully.  This should be required reading before marriage, just like a blood test!"

Cindi Keller, Chicago, IL



"I have no doubt that this book
will prove invaluable..."

"I was one of the people fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of Stop Talking on Eggshells, and I've been absolutely delighted with what I've read thus far.  As a spiritual and life coach, and also as a busy woman with a large group of friends, colleagues and family members, I have no doubt that this book will prove invaluable. 

"I love the honesty and thoughtfulness with which this highly practical information is presented.  The writing style is clear, concise and without frills, yet delivered in a very warm and compassionate manner.  I especially love the questions at the end of each chapter, and find them extremely helpful in allowing me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings and what actions are necessary to assist me in moving forward fearlessly and with conviction. 

"The real-life examples are also very helpful.  Many thanks for such a thorough and wonderful book... the next time I find myself talking on eggshells, I'll have a great reference guide to gently remind me of how to get myself out of that pattern!  What a reassuring thought, indeed!"
Many thanks!
Kim Loftis, spiritual fulfillment coach and author
Burnsville, North Carolina,


"Stop Talking On Eggshells"...

"...Delivers to couples the necessary tools and strategies for communicating thoughts, concerns, and feelings without the fear of backlash."

Dr. Mike Minihan



Practical Help For Anyone Who Has a Desire To Improve Their Relationship or Recapture The Magic...

"We are excited about some of Otto and Susie's creative ideas to enhance or rekindle the spark in a relationship or marriage. Otto and Susie are experts on the subject of loving relationships. Their ideas are practical help for anyone who has a desire to improve their relationship or recapture the magic. They are experienced, compassionate, and caring coaches, who have a wealth of worthwhile information to help us all improve our most important relationships."

  Roy and Gwen S.



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